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Female. Pansexual. Yes, that is my ass in that picture.

This blog is about my sexual journey; finding out what turns me on and proving to myself that I'm just as beautiful as anyone else.

*I am a camgirl for MyFreeCams under the username KawaiiAlice and xkawaiialicex for Chaturbate*



If he doesn’t care about your orgasm, he doesn’t care about you

i’ve never read words so true.


I’m about to have me some fun

This bra makes my boobs look so good

Ugggggggggggh all these gifs make me sad because my bf and I are not sexually compatible…he’s not aggressive nor does he like doing it for me and he’s very vanilla and isn’t adventurous :c I think I really need a dom/daddy dom to take me and use me up *sigh*